Establishes a connection to a database server or a database defined for a specific directory location.


OPEN DATABASE <database name>
[LOGIN <username>/<password>]
[WITH <option string>]

<database name>

The name, or alias, of the database you want to open. Database aliases are created using the BDE Administrator.

<user name>/<password>

The user name and password, separated by a slash, required to access the database.

WITH <option string>

Character string specifying server-specific information required to establish a database server connection. For information about establishing database server connections, refer to your Borland SQL Link documentation, and contact your network or database administrator for specific connection information.


Treat all stored procedures as EXTERN. This eliminates the need for the user to EXTERN SQL any stored procedure calls. Once the database is open, the stored procedures are immediately available. For use with Interbase and Oracle databases only.


The OPEN DATABASE command is used to establish a connection with a database defined with the BDE Administrator. When opening a database, you need to specify whatever login parameters and database-specific information that connection requires. Typically, your network or system administrator can provide you with the information necessary to establish connections to established databases and database servers at your site.


Use a Database object.