Restores records that were previously marked as deleted in the current DBF table.


[FOR <condition 1>]
[WHILE <condition 2>]

FOR <condition 1>
WHILE <condition 2>

The scope of the command. The default scope is NEXT 1, the current record only.


Use RECALL to undelete records that have been marked as deleted in the current DBF table with DELETE but have not yet been removed with PACK. Executing DELETE marks the record as deleted but doesn’t physically remove them from the table. If SET DELETED is ON (the default), these deleted records cannot be seen. RECALL reverses this process, unmarking the records and fully restoring them to the table.

Records eliminated with PACK or ZAP are permanently removed and can't be recovered using RECALL.

When using RECALL, SET DELETED should be OFF; otherwise you will not be able to see the deleted records you want to recall. Using RECALL on records that are not marked as deleted has no effect.


Soft deletes are not supported.