Clears automem variables from memory.




Automem variables are private or public memory variables that have the same name as the fields of the currently selected table. These variables can be created manually, or with the STORE AUTOMEM, CLEAR AUTOMEM, or USE...AUTOMEM commands.

RELEASE AUTOMEM releases any private or public memory variables that have the same name as one of the fields in the currently selected table, no matter how or for what purpose the variable was created.

Closing a table or moving to another work area doesn’t automatically release a table’s associated automem variables. dBASE Plus doesn’t recognize a variable as an automem variable, even if it was created as an automem variable, if it doesn't have the same name as a field in the current table. But because automem variables are usually private variables, and private variables are automatically released when the routine that created them is complete, there is rarely any reason to issue RELEASE AUTOMEM in an application.


The Rowset object contains an array of Field objects accessed through its fields property. These Field objects have value properties that may be programmed like variables.