Changes the name of a specified table.


RENAME TABLE <old table name> TO <new table name>

<old table name>

The table you want to rename.

<new table name>

The new name of the table. If you rename a table in a database, you must specify the same database as the destination of the new table. Also, the new table name must be the same type as the old table.


Specifies the type of table you want to rename, in case you do not specify a file extension with <old table name>. This option overrides the current SET DBTYPE setting. The TYPE keyword is included for readability only; it has no effect on the operation of the command.


Use the RENAME TABLE command to change the name of a table and its associated files, if any. You cannot rename an open table, and the new table name cannot already exist in the same directory or database.


Use the Database objectís renameTable(†) method.