Copies a text file into a memo field.


REPLACE MEMO <memo field> FROM <filename>

<memo field>

The memo field to replace.

FROM <file name>

The name of the text file. The default extension is .TXT.


Causes the new text to be appended to existing text. REPLACE MEMO without the ADDITIVE option causes dBASE Plus to overwrite any text currently in the memo field.


Use the REPLACE MEMO command to insert the contents of a text file into a memo field. You may use an alias name and the alias operator (that is, alias->memofield) to specify a memo field in the current record of any open table.

REPLACE MEMO is identical to APPEND MEMO, except that REPLACE MEMO defaults to overwriting the current contents of the memo field, and has the option of appending, while APPEND MEMO is the opposite.

While memo fields may contain types of information other than text, binary fields are recommended for storing images, sound, and other user-defined binary type information. Use OLE fields for linking to OLE documents from other Windows applications.


Use the Field objectís replaceFromFile(†) method.