Sets the current work area in which to open or perform operations on a table.


SELECT <alias>


The work area to select.


Use SELECT to choose a work area in which to open a table, or to specify a work area in which a table is already open. Many commands operate on the currently selected work area only, or by default.

To select a table that is already open, its alias name is preferred over the work area number, because tables may be opened in different work areas depending on conditions. The alias name will always select the right table (or cause an error if the table is not opened), while the work area number may take you to the wrong table.

Each work area supports its own value of FOUND( ) and an independent record pointer. Changes in the record pointer of the active work area have no effect on the record pointers of any other work areas, unless you set a relation between the work areas with the SET RELATION command.

If the <alias> is in a variable, use the parentheses as indirection operators. For example, if xAlias is a variable containing a work area number or alias name, use SELECT(xAlias). Otherwise, dBASE Plus will attempt select a work area with the alias name "xAlias".


There is no concept of the "current" Query object. Use your usual object management techniques to manage Query objects.