Returns the number of an available work area or the work area number associated with a specified alias.




The work area to return. (If <alias> is a work area number, there is no need to call this function, because that number is what the function will return.)


If you do not specify an alias, SELECT(†) returns the number of the next available work area, a number between 1 and 225; or zero if all work areas in the current workset are being used. If you specify an alias, SELECT(†) determines whether the specified alias name is already in use. If it is, SELECT(†) returns the work area number thatís using the alias name; otherwise it returns zero.

Use SELECT(†) to locate an available work area in which to open a table, or to see if a table is already open so that you donít open it again.


There is no concept of the "current" Query object. Use your usual object management techniques to manage Query objects.