Sets the width of memo field display or output.




Specifies a number from 8 to 255 that sets the width of memo field display and output. The default is 50.


Use SET MEMOWIDTH to change the column width of memo fields during display and output, and the default column width for the MEMLINES( ) and MLINE( ) functions. Memo fields can be displayed using the commands DISPLAY, LIST, ?, or ??. SET MEMOWIDTH doesn't affect the display of a memo field in an Editor control. If the system memory variable variable_wrap is set to true, the system memory variables _lmargin and _rmargin determine the memo width.

The @V (vertical stretch) picture function causes memo fields to be displayed in a vertical column when _wrap is true. When @V is specified, the _pcolno system memory variable is incremented by the @V value. This lets you change the appearance of the printed output of ? or ?? commands by using the @V function. When @V is equal to zero, memo fields wrap within the SET MEMOWIDTH width.


This setting is not applicable.