Specifies an open index file or tag as the master index of a table.


SET ORDER TO [[TAG] <tag name> [OF <mdx>] [NOSAVE]]

[TAG] <tag name>

The name of an index tag in an open .MDX file or the name of an open .NDX file (without the file extension). The TAG keyword is included for readability only; TAG has no affect on the operation of the command.

OF <mdx>

The open .MDX file that contains <tag name>. Use this option when two open .MDX files have a tag with the same name. The default extension is .MDX.

If you use the <tag name> option but don't specify <mdx>, dBASE Plus searches for the named index in the list of open indexes.


Used to delete a temporary index after the associated table is closed. If you decide after choosing this option that you want to keep the index, open the index again using SET ORDER without the NOSAVE option, before you close the table.


Use SET ORDER to change the master index of a table without having to close and reopen indexes. You can choose the master index from the list of .NDX files or .MDX index tags opened with the SET INDEX or USE...INDEX commands.

If you specify SET ORDER without specifying an index, the table appears in primary key order, if the table has a primary key; or unindexed, in record number order.


Assign the tag name to the Rowset objectís indexName property.