Specifies the number of times dBASE Plus tries to lock a file or record before generating an error or returning false.




A number from –1 to 32,000, inclusive, that is the number of times for dBASE Plus to try get a lock. The default is 0; both 0 and -1 have a special meaning, described below.


Use SET REPROCESS to specify how many times dBASE Plus should try to get a lock before giving up. RLOCK( ) and FLOCK( ) return false if the lock attempt fails. For automatic locks, failure to get a lock causes an error. SET REPROCESS affects RLOCK( ), and FLOCK( ), and all commands and functions that automatically attempt to lock a file or records.

SET REPROCESS TO 0 causes dBASE Plus to display a dialog that gives you the option of canceling while it indefinitely attempts to get the lock.

Setting SET REPROCESS to a number greater than 0 causes dBASE Plus to retry getting a lock the specified number of times without prompting.

SET REPROCESS TO -1 causes dBASE Plus to retry getting a lock indefinitely, without prompting.


Set the Session object’s lockRetryCount property.