Specifies how to advance the record pointer through records of linked tables.


SET SKIP TO [<alias1> [, <alias2>]...]

<alias1> [, <alias2>] ...

The work areas defined in the relation.


SET SKIP works only with tables that have been linked with the SET RELATION command. Used together, the SET RELATION and SET SKIP commands determine the way in which the record pointer moves through parent and child tables.

Use SET SKIP when you set a relation from a parent table containing unique key values to child tables that contain duplicate key values, that is, a one-to-many relationship. SET SKIP causes commands that move the record pointer to move the pointer to every record with matching key values in a child table before moving the record pointer in the parent table. If you define a chain of relations and use SET SKIP to move from one table to the next down the chain, the record pointer moves to every record in the last child table before the pointer moves in its parent table.

You do not need to specify the root (parent) alias in the SET SKIP list. SET SKIP TO with no options cancels any previously defined SET SKIP behavior.


SET SKIP behavior in OODML is provided through use of the navigateMaster and navigateByMaster Rowset properties.