Stores the contents of all the current recordís fields to a set of memory variables.




STORE AUTOMEM copies every field of the current record to a set of matching automem variables. Each memory variable has the same name, length, and data type as one of the fields. dBASE Plus creates these memory variables if they don't already exist.

Automem variables let you temporarily store the data from table records, manipulate the data as memory variables rather than as field values, and then return the data to the table (using REPLACE AUTOMEM or APPEND AUTOMEM).

STORE AUTOMEM is one of three commands that create automem variables. The other two, USE <filename> AUTOMEM and CLEAR AUTOMEM, initialize blank automem variables for the fields of the current table.

When referring to the value of automem variables you need to prefix the name of an automem variable with M-> to distinguish the variable from the corresponding fields, which have the same name. The M-> prefix is not needed during variable assignment; the STORE command and the = and := operators do not work on Xbase fields.


The Rowset objectís contains an array of Field objects, accessed through its fields property. These Field objects have value properties that may be programmed like variables.