Returns the name of a table linked with the SET RELATION command.


TARGET(<expN> [,<alias>])


The number of the relation that you want to check.


The work area you want to check.


TARGET( ) returns a string containing the name of the child tables that are linked to a parent table by the SET RELATION command. You must specify the number of the relation; if the table in the current or specified work area is linked to only one table, that <expN> is the number 1. TARGET( ) returns an empty string ("") if no relation is set in the <expN> position.

Use TARGET( ) to save the link tables of all SET RELATION settings for later use when restoring relations. To save the link expression, use the RELATION( ) function.


No equivalent. The masterSource and masterRowset properties contain references to the parent query or rowset; TARGET( ) returns the names of the child tables.