Releases all explicit locks.


UNLOCK [ALL | IN <alias>]


Releases all explicit locks in all work areas in the current workset.

IN <alias>

Releases all explicit locks in the specified work area.


Use UNLOCK to unlock file locks you obtained with FLOCK(†), or to unlock record locks you obtained with RLOCK(†) or LOCK(†). Issue UNLOCK at the same workstation as the one at which you issued the FLOCK(†), RLOCK(†), and LOCK(†) functions. UNLOCK can't release locks obtained through other workstations, and does not release automatic file and record locks.

When you set a relation from parent table to child tables with SET RELATION and then unlock the parent table or records in the parent table with UNLOCK, dBASE Plus also unlocks child tables or records. For more information on relating tables, see SET RELATION.


Use the Rowset objectís unlock(†) method.