dBASE Plus is a 32-bit rapid application development (RAD) environment for the creation of powerful database applications and data-driven web applications. It features flexible interactive database administration tools, an advanced third-generation object-oriented programming model, and a high level of backward compatibility.

Your dBASE Plus package includes the Borland Database Engine (BDE), which allows easy connectivity to dBASE tables—including the new DBF7 file format—and provides native support for Paradox, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft FoxPro formats, as well as any 32-bit ODBC-supported data source. dBASE Plus also includes a set of high performance drivers, known as SQL Links, which extend support to the most popular enterprise database formats including Oracle, Sybase, InterBase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Informix. dBASE Plus also allows you to create links to other data sources through custom data objects.

This section introduces you to the dBASE Plus development environment and provides examples and tips that will help you get started quickly. The features described in this section were introduced in versions of dBASE prior to dBASE Plus. New features for dBASE Plus are summarized in the topic "Introducing dBASE Plus!".

Introducing dBASE Plus!

What's changed?