PLUSrun.exe will now start a dBASE Plus application .exe passed to it as a command line parameter.


PLUSrun [switches] [application path & name] [parameters for application]


The currently available switch, -c<.ini file name>, specifies an alternate .ini file to be used in place of the default.

application path & name

The name and location of the application .exe. Designating a path is optional, however, when a path is not specified, PLUSrun will assume the current drive and directory. Application path & name parameters containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes.

The following sample code attempts to launch someapp.exe, pass it 2 parameters and use myini.ini instead of someapp.ini:

PLUSrun -cmyini.ini someapp.exe someparm1 someparm2


PLUSrun.exe will determine if it was called from a currently launched application .exe. When this is not the case, PLUSrun.exe checks to see if a file name, and optional path, were passed as parameters on the command line. If they were, PLUSrun.exe fills in the full path, extension, and opens the file.

The runtime will then begin execution if the file is found to contain dBL compiled code. If the file cannot be found, or does not contain dBL compiled code, an error is generated and the PLUSrun.exe exits.

This feature results in only one operating system process being launched for each dBASE Plus application .exe, rather than the two processes that result when running an application .exe directly. This becomes important for web applications, as it reduces the chance that a crash would result in one of the processes becoming stranded in memory.

In order to best use this feature, it will be necessary to configure your web server so it builds an appropriate command line for all dBASE Plus web applications.