An operating system environment variable which allows suppression of runtime engine initialization error dialogs.


DBASE_SUPPRESS_STARTUP_DIALOGS=1 will turn on suppression of the startup dialogs

DBASE_SUPPRESS_STARTUP_DIALOGS= will turn off suppression of the startup dialogs


The purpose of the DBASE_SUPPRESS_STARTUP_DIALOGS variable is to prevent the display of any error dialogs during the startup of the dBASE Plus runtime engine (PLUSrun.exe). The suppressed error dialogs are those which can occur before any application code is executed by the runtime and as a result, cannot be trapped via a try...catch command.

The potential problem arises due to the fact that once an application is launched, users will not see these dialogs and, therefore, will not be aware of being prompted for a response. When suppression of an error dialog occurs, dBASE Plus will shut itself down, thereby preventing instances of the runtime engine from becoming stranded in memory.

Setting dBASE Plus dialog suppression

Windows 95/98 - Set DBASE_SUPPRESS_STARTUP_DIALOGS in the autoexec.bat file OR the .bat file used to launch the dBASE Plus web application .exe.

Windows 2000 or NT - Set DBASE_SUPPRESS_STARTUP_DIALOGS from the Environment tab of the System Properties dialog - which can be found in the Control Panel window.