8th Day: Preview Friv Games

The first Russian post-apocalyptic MMORPG. Lived. No, I'm not against online client games, 8th Day just looks too ridiculous . When the established kings of World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online rule the show, Friv2Online's brainchild seems like a living dinosaur. Blurred graphics, a standard story, ideas stolen from competitors ... What are the developers counting on? Oh yeah, the original setting. Well, at least one light smear.

However, if you look at the track record of the company, the claims will diminish a little. Crazy (in a good way) quest " Full Pipe " and more than a dozen children's development projects - you must admit, does not look like a resume of MMO-builders.

Based on the above, it is surprising that the game is not "about elves, gnomes or aliens." It is strange to see the absence of hackneyed stamps. In a world that has survived a global catastrophe, there was no place for vile orcs and egg-headed aliens. Humanity itself has divided into three "races". People - skillfully handle small arms, build new cities and engage in agriculture. Psionics are the successors of Indigo children, possess mystical abilities and immunity to radiation. But the most interesting, of course, is the third group: cyborgs. Oh, do not think that these are terminators adapted to the local surroundings. Everything is much more prosaic. Cyborgs are people who survived in bunkers and replaced some limbs with mechanical parts. Moreover, the victims themselves had to change the broken "parts" and in haste. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain where the steam-powered robot came from with a smoking boiler behind it. Apparently, semiconductor crystals and nanotechnology did not live up to their hopes. It's a pity. And we believed so.

And in such an atmosphere it will be necessary to fight and even survive. Chickens laughing. Who to fight with, if in the first weeks of launching the servers, people rake colorful iron men like hot cakes in a dining room, spitting on faceless psychics and aggressive people. Unsurprisingly, the promised release never materialized last year. After the beta testing from Friv2Online, there was no rumor or spirit. Coincidence? Unlikely. It was necessary to carefully study the created universe, then such curiosities could be avoided.

Completes the defeat - six (and only!) Announced character classes. For example, in the same Warhammer Onlinethere are as many as 20. Feel the difference? But why empty words? Watch the official trailer featuring winged drill chicks, giant Half-Life 2 headcrabs falling dead from a single blade strike, and a herd of saber-toothed monkeys. Should you be afraid of them?

A duel with a contaminated environment looks even stranger. Have you also remembered the " Stalker " with anomalies fluttering in the air and electric traps? To know, not to do without the simplest means of protection: gas masks and anti-radiation suits. Life protection comes first! Chernobyl romance haunts many, but the local world is only a canvas, poorly smeared with paints.

The lack of a clear concept is just childish jokes compared to the appearance. In order to release a game with such a picture in 2009, you need to have remarkable self-confidence. Yes, MMORPGs have never boasted thousands of polygons and realistic landscapes. Targeting the mass market, you know. But the screenshots here inspire compassion for even the most insensitive cynic. Look at the miserable animation, three-kopeck environment, awkward mutants ... Tears welling up in my eyes. No kidding.

Meanwhile, a ray of light still sometimes flashes through a pile of stupid ideas. To the studio's credit, some attempts have been made to fix it. Thus, the high rescue mission of the " Eighth Day"entrusted to unraveling the intrigue." The one who will be able to find out the causes of the cataclysm, will reveal the main secret "- says the official website. It is known for certain that a portion of information will be given out after completing the next task. It is really difficult to come up with something. something new for presenting the plot in such a broad framework.

"Day Eight" is a project, a bitter share of which can be predicted even on the basis of the scant information available at the moment. Ugly, boring, thrown to the mercy in the field of Internet entertainment, it will lie in the shadow of foreign online monsters - misunderstood and useless to anyone.

PS If you want to get acquainted with the work of Friv2Online, take "Full Trumpet". Even after so many years, pleasure is guaranteed. Masterpieces never get old. And all is better than waiting for "the first Russian post-apocalyptic MMORPG".