The new gambling law excluded soccer betting

The new gambling law excluded soccer betting

The online gaming market is only two weeks away from opening its doors. The new gambling law 'Kansspelen op Afstand' will make its appearance on October 1, 2021. Several well-known Dutch gambling companies and international parties will start offering online casino games and sports betting on the Dutch market. Just don't expect everything to be possible soon, because the regulations are strict. Especially in the area of soccer matches, some things are prohibited.

Sports betting

Betting on yellow and red cards

One of the most popular bets at the bookmakers is betting on yellow and red cards. This scheme is used by the top 10 cricket betting sites. Sounds fun, but unfortunately it won't be possible in the Netherlands. The rules regarding individual footballers are fearfully strict, as those kinds of bets are easily influenced. However, betting on the total number of cards given is also not allowed. The gaming authority hopes in this way to protect the integrity and prevent the possible manipulation of a sports match.

Other excluded bets

There are other excluded bets in the area of soccer matches. The bookmakers are not allowed to offer the bets listed below. These are individual bets that relate to one footballer.

  • Which player takes a free kick or penalty, after the opponent has received a card.
  • Which player causes a throw-in.
  • Which player takes the throw-in.
  • Which player causes a foul.
  • Which player causes a penalty.
  • Which player takes the penalty shot - Which player is offside.
  • Which player causes a corner kick.
  • Which player will take the corner kick.
  • Which player undergoes treatment.
  • Which player will be taken to the side for a substitution.
  • Any special elements, such as the way of cheering.

In addition, no bets may be offered on any of the referee's choices. A VAR moment must then be considered. All VAR moments are excluded by the KSA. Betting on injury time is also not possible, as for example on the number of extra playing minutes.

Sports betting

Betting on amateur football

In the Netherlands, betting on matches of amateur teams will not be possible from 1 October 2021. This is a remarkable choice, given that TOTO did offer this in the past. The matches in the TOTO KNVB Cup involving amateur teams will therefore no longer appear in the online bookmakers' offer, in particular, This rule applies to all soccer clubs playing in the third division or below. In addition, no bets may be offered on athletes aged 20 years or younger.