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dBASE Plus (Build 1905x)
Critical Bug Fixes for dBASE Plus 2.6
October 5, 2006


This is a special bug fix patch release for dBASE Plus b1899. This release, dBASE Plus b1905x, fixes critical bugs as described in the detailed notes included below.


Printer Support
QAID: 5480 Fixed GPF that occurred when changing the PrinterName property of a printer, or after selecting a specific printer with a print dialog
QAID: 5481 Fixed lockup that occurred if printer.choosePrinter() was called more than once after changing printer.printerName.

Entryfield and SpinBox Classes
QAID: 4120 Added ability to use a percent sign (%) placeholder in the right-most position of the picture property (when datalinked to a numeric field), so that the percent sign can be displayed at the right end of numeric fields.

SpinBox Class
QAID: 5494 Fixed regression that caused the the spinbox to initially increment a value when its down arrow is clicked.
QAID: 4764 Fixed a problem when using the 'R' formatting code in the function property and a picture property template of ‘99999’, in which a 1 in the leftmost position of the field would be lost when tabbing to next field. The resulting value would display as ‘00000’.
QAID: 5573 Fixed two problems that occurred when using the 'R' formatting code in the function property:
1. Fixed problem where digits entered in a numeric entryfield were lost because the actual characters displayed during data entry were not a valid numeric value. The entryfield was changed so that if the ‘R’ formatting code is specified and the picture property contains a valid template for a numeric value, then numeric data entry rules are enforced. For example, with 'R' in the function property, and '999.99' in the picture property, entering the four characters, '9.12', from the left end of the entryfield would display as '9.1.2', which becomes 9.10 when it is converted to a numeric value (after pressing the enter key or tabbing to the next field). This happened because the entered decimal point did not automatically align with the placeholder decimal point from the picture property, so the second decimal point and all characters to the right of it were ignored when the string was converted to a numeric value.
2. Fixed the processing of numeric picture characters '9', ‘#’, '*', '$' to only allow '-' or '+' to be entered at the left end of an entryfield or spinbox value.

TreeView Class
QAID: 5490 Fixed regression to treeview’s borderStyle property so that changing it from its default value no longer causes flickering. Also fixed lockup that occurred when changing it via the Inspector in the Form Designer. This problem was caused by the fix for QAID: 5287.

XP Theme Support
QAID: 5497 When the mouse enters a XP style push button (turning it orange), XP sends a paint message to the form text component. The painting of non-transparent text was done directly to the screen and caused flickering. The text painting code is now changed to do most painting operations off screen.
QAID: 5499 Disabled combobox (simple or dropDown styles) with XP style had black background behind the list items. The background brush and text background of a disabled combobox are now white.
QAID: 5500 Fixed systemTheme speedBar pushButton so that clicking it with the mouse does not take focus from control that currently has focus. This occurred with editor and entryField components among others..
QAID: 5526 Fixed problem in the Form Designer, when pasting a shape or line component onto an XP themed notebook, the pasted shape or line were invisible.

Form Designer
QAID: 3205 Fixed painting of line objects so that the ends of the lines do not bleed-through to a new page when changing the current page for a form or notebook.

Form Class
QAID: 5628 Fixed bug where setting a component to be transparent while its parent form is set to a pageno greater than 1 and the component is set to a different pageno caused the component to display on the current form page.

QAID: 2019 Fixed regression that caused SAVE TO ALL LIKE to save variables that should have been excluded by the LIKE clause. Also fixed related problems in the LIKE() and LIKEC() functions that could lead to these functions reporting incorrect matches between a supplied skeleton expression and a test string.

mousePointer Property
QAID: 5115 Fixed a problem that occurred when a non-default mouse pointer (also called the mouse cursor) was chosen for a form. Clicking any mouse button on the form surface (not on a component on the form) caused the mouse pointer to change to an arrow until the mouse was moved. This problem could also be seen when any of the mouse buttons was released (mouse up) after holding a button down, moving the mouse slightly to restore the selected pointer, and then releasing the button.

Table View - Context Menu
QAID: 5602 Fixed problem that caused the wrong context menu to display when running dBASE Plus with a manifest file, opening a table from the Tables tab of the Navigator, and right-clicking on the Table View window.

BDE Interface
QAID: 5594 Fixed a GPF that occurred when reporting a Memory Access Violation.