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dBASE Plus 2.61.1 (Build 2015)
Features and Fixes
October 3, 2006

New Features

ListBox Class
QAID: 1575 Added a rowHeight property to class listBox which works similarly to grid.cellHeight.

Array.dir() and DIR
QAID: 6023 Upgraded array.dir() and the DIR command to handle file sizes greater than 2GB.


Form Class
QAID: 6025 Fixed GPF that occurred after calling form.release() from within form.onClose() and the form contained a grid with rowSelect=true and grid.onLostFocus was set to a dBL event handler. Changed behavior of form.release() when its called from form.onClose() so that the actual call to release the form and its dispatcher is deferred until after the dBL level onClose() event has finished processing and until after all of the internal OnClose() processing has completed. A side effect of this change is that the form and its components can still be accessed within the dBL OnClose() event after form.release() is run.
QAID: 6034 Fixed Internal error that occurred when calling form.release() from within form.onClose().

Form Designer
QAID: 6011 Fixed GPF that occurred when closing a Form in the Form Designer where the form contained a datamodule and the datamodule contained a database object.
QAID: 6045 Fixed GPF that occurred when deleting a dataModRef object from a form in the Form Designer where the dataModRef had a dataModule assigned to it and was opened.
QAID: 6022 Fixed regression in Plus 2.61 that caused an internal error when deleting a datamodule from a Form while in the Form Designer.

Grid Class
QAID: 4854 Fixed a problem where clicking on a partially visible grid column header caused the grid to scroll horizontally to display the full selected column. When this problem occurred, the mouse up events did not work correctly.
QAID: 5461 Fixed the auto mode of the grid's vertical scrollbar (when vScrollBar was set to 2 - Auto). Previously, the scrollbar was always on when in auto mode.
QAID: 6029 Fixed a problem where clicking on a grid row header (row indicator) column to select a row caused the column mouse button events to fire. These column mouse button events (OnLeftMouseDown, OnLeftMouseUp, etc.) should only fire when clicking on a column header.
QAID: 6041 Fixed problem with current row scrolling below visible area of grid after increasing grid's cellHeight.
QAID: 6068 Updated Grid so the mouse wheel events will be ignored if the grid's vertical scroll bar is turned off or disabled.

QAID: 6032 Fixed a dBASE Plus 2.61 installer regression bug where an existing BDE 16 bit config file is not recognized if no specific registry entry was found for the 16 bit format. The previous installers assumed the 16 bit BDE config format if no specific registry entry for the 32 bit format was found.

QAID: 6040 Fixed the Navigator's folder button so that it is not left blank when using a manifest file and the XP option to "Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key" is enabled on the XP Desktop Properties dialog (under the Appearance Tab's Effects subdialog).

PushButton Class
QAID: 6035 Added the ability to change XP themed push buttons color beyond the border. A thin area around the button can be painted with the color of your choice, using the colorNormal property of the push button.

Quit Command
QAID: 6069 Improved operation of QUIT command to ensure that dBASE reliably releases its resources, updates its .ini file and performs a clean shutdown.

Recent Files / Recent Projects List
QAID: 6052 Fixed regression from Visual dBASE 7.5 that prevented the Recent Files and Recent Projects lists from saving to Plus.ini when closing or quitting from the dBASE Plus IDE.

Rectangle Class
QAID: 6010 Fixed subclassed rectangle so the content of its text property will display when the parent class rectangle has an empty text property.

Report to Window
QAID: 6015 Fixed regression in Report Viewer window so it displays within the dBASE Plus Frame window.

TreeView Class
QAID: 4092 Fixed TreeView method getItemByPos() so it correctly receives and converts col and row coordinates into pixels prior to searching for a treeitem matching col and row values. This fixes problem where getItemByPos() returned the wrong treeitem sometimes especially when the metric was not set to Pixels in the treeview's parent form.