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dBASE Plus (Build 2168)
Features and Fixes
March 30, 2011



QAID: 6657 - Fixed ability to run a code signed application .exe built with dBASE Plus 2.70

QAID: 6648 - Fixed regression in QUIT command so it:
* stops execution of procedure and shuts down current instance of interpreter
* triggers any open forms to close and fire their beforerelease events
* triggers frame window (if any) to close
* terminates dBASE Plus or Runtime
* returns exit code if any

QAID: 6651 - Fixed listbox in Set Component Order dialog so it no longer
moves an item to the bottom of the list when an item is clicked on.

QAID: 6658 - Fixed regression that prevented bitmaps assigned to the checkedBitmap
and uncheckedBitmap
properties of a menu object from being displayed.

QAID: 6656 - Fixed setrange() on a numeric field and rowset.findkey()
(also affects XDML: FIND, SEEK, and SET KEY when using a numeric field in an index key)

QAID: 6636 - Fixed "Data Type Mismatch" error that occured when attempting to link a master and
detail rowset via an autoincrement field in one table and a numeric field in the other table.
This change also prevents using a Memo field to link master and detail tables which could
result in dBASE locking up or causing a Memory Access Violation.

QAID: 6655 - Fixed .mem file support in 2.70 so it is compatible with dBASE Plus 2.62 and
earlier versions

QAID: 6660 - Fixed "Invalid parameter" error that occurred when attempting to delete a
file from the Other tab of the Navigator.

QAID: 6577 - Added call to exclude plus.exe and plusrun.exe from DEP when local policy setting
allows program to exclude itself.

QAID: 6663 - Fixed regression in Grid that prevented custom Grid columns from displaying
in a container on a notebook when the grid is built while switching notebook pages.