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dBASE Plus 2.70.3 (b2193)
Features and Fixes
December 08, 2011


Report Object


New property report.usePrintingDialog, (Boolean, Default: True). If set to False, report's Printing Dialog (which contains a Cancel button) will not be displayed while rendering report.


Resume Command


Fixed regression in how RESUME command is processed that prevented it from working starting with build 2138


Source Editor


Fixed crash that occurred when printing from Source Editor


Language Compatibility


Fixed internal error that occurred when attempting to run dBASE Plus or a dBASE Plus application (for version 2.70.x) with Windows Locale set to one of the Chinese, Japanese, or other Eastern pictographic language options (on XP this is called "Language for non-Unicode Programs").

Menu Options

QAID:6669 Fixed "The parameter is incorrect" error that occurred when selecting a table to open through the File | Open menu option after selecting File Type of "dBASE (.dbf;db)" and then selecting a BDE Alias.


Form / Subform

QAID:6709 Fixed regression that caused an internal error when pressing Enter to click a pushbutton on a form containing form.close().
This regression was due to changes made to fix form.release() behavior in build 2174 for QAID: 6642.
QAID:6710 Fixed regression (in build 2179) that caused form in Form Designer to open behind Navigator and Command Window when switching form from run mode to design mode.

Fixed regression that caused extra scrollbars to display when opening subform with its clientEdge property set to true.

QAID:6726 Fixed "The Parameter is incorrect" error that was occurring in the Template Property Builder dialog when switching from the Numeric tab to the Character tab while trying to edit a Numeric Entryfield.
QAID:6674 Fixed regression that caused incorrect firing of form component's onLostFocus() event during form's opening sequence.
Also fixed triggering of error "Procedure not found" when switching form containing focus events from Run mode to Design mode.
QAID:6729 Fixed MAV that occurred when form.release() was called from within pushbutton's onClick() event handler.
This fix works for any form component's event handler by delaying the actual form release until after the component's event handler completes executing and the form is fully closed.


Database Object


Fixed database.executeSQL() method so it performs no pre-processing on SQL command before sending SQL to database for processing. This is consistent with its documented behaviour as a pass-through SQL method.
Previously, a SQL command was scanned for colon characters in order to identify any replacable parameters within the SQL command which where than added to an internal query object's params array.
When the query was activated it would trigger "Parameter Not Found" error on SQL commands that were creating or defining a stored procedure.

For example:
Attempting to pass a CREATE or ALTER PROCEDURE command (which defines a stored procedure on a database server) could trigger the "Parameter Not Found" error if it contains parameters as part of the stored procedure definition. The parameters specified, in this case, are part of the stored procedure code and are not for immediate use.


Query Object


Updated query.database property to check if database.session matches query's session. If not, query is updated to use database.session and to turn off notifications from old session and turn on notifications from new session.


SQL Designer


Fixed regression that caused 'The parameter is incorrect' error to occur in the SQL Query Designer's Add Table dialog when setting Look In to a folder path and then choosing a table.


Report Designer


Fixed Memory Access Violation error that occurred in Report Designer when dragging and dropping table onto report


Numeric Conversion


Fixed Memory Access Violation that could occur in an internal routine used to convert a number in double floating point format into a display string due to an internal buffer not always being large enough for the converted string of digits.
This was found while testing reports using the AgSum() method and displaying AgSum() results on a report.


Form Components


Modified internal form routine so it no longer loads speedtips onto form for controls that have visible set to false during form opening.
Note that once form is open the list of active speedtips on form is not currently updated (such as by modifying a speedtip while form is opened or by changing a component's visible property).




Fixed regression that caused "An invalid argument encountered" error when attaching a toolbar to a non-mdi form in a form_open() method.
This regression was due to some internal changes made to the Form class to support switching between mdi and non-mdi modes in versions of dBASE built with the Microsoft C++ compiler.


Report / Report Viewer


Fixed Memory Access Violation that occurred when rendering a report more than once to a reportviewer.
Updated Report and ReportViewer so that ReportViewer is correctly registered for notifications from Report when ReportViewer is created and is correctly unregistered from Report when ReportViewer is released or closed.