The dQuiz #2
Test Your dBASE IQ
by Peter Rorlick [dBVIPS], co-founder of  Montreal Business Software. He has been developing xbase solutions since 1981.

Look at the code below, and try to guess what the message box will contain when you type something into the entryfield and press Enter.

f = new Myform()
class Myform of form

  this.Entryfield1 = new entryfield(this)
  this.Entryfield1.onChange := class::entryfield1_onChange

  function Entryfield1_onchange

  function xyz( oEntryField )
    msgbox( oEntryField.className, 'surprise!' )


Once you've made your guess, type this in Command window:  modify command dQuiz2
Paste the code above into the program editor, and press F2 to run it.  Type something in the entryfield, and press Enter.  Did you guess correctly?

Click here for the answer and an explanation.