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Sep 25

New Memory Manager enables dBASE to run even faster with dbDOS 1.5!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

dbDOS™ continues to be the fastest, easiest way to run dBASE™ for DOS on the latest Windows Operating Systems. Bundled with the reintroduced dBASE™ CLASSIC for DOS and you have a complete solution to launch your own dBASE™ applications on the latest hardware platforms. With version 1.5, dbDOS™ manages memory even better than before. In fact, procedures that once took forty-five minutes now take less than two. This allows dbDOS™ 1.5 to not only run dBASE™ for DOS programs faster and more efficiently, but also enables users to run more DOS based programs than ever before. That is not all; we have been hard at work making dbDOS™ the best solution to extend the lifespan of dBASE programs well into the future. Here are some of the top features that are offered:
  • Easy to use wizard based interface supports importing and exporting of multiple environment configurations
  • No modifications to dBASE™ or any other applications are required
  • Ability to run any of your DOS programs* (BETA)
  • Very small footprint, under 10 megabytes of storage needed for the program
  • Enhanced memory capabilities with JEMM386 enables programs to run much faster
  • New clipboard feature for pasting text into DOS from Windows
  • Pick your screen resolution, need a bigger window than the default 640×480.
  • Ability to print ESC and Printer specific codes to the host OS’s printers (either networked or connected)
  • Revive existing applications instead of rewriting them
*Requires original installation media and license from manufacture If you are using dbDOS™ now, download the patch from and install it over the current version then open up each configuration and save it again. Please watch this YouTube video where I explain this in more detail at
Sep 13

We’ve heard you! Choose from two different training sessions scheduled for worldwide audiences!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

As you may know already, dBASE PLUS 2.8 has been used by professionals around the world ever since it was first introduced. Response to our recently announced training has been impressive to say the least. To accommodate our customers around the globe, we will now be offering the class at two different times. Any purchase of dBASE Plus 2.8 Full or Upgrade between September 1st 2012 and September 30th 2012 will include this training seminar (a $199 value) as part of your purchase*. If you are a dBASE for DOS customer ready to get up to speed on the programming in dBASE 2.8 for Windows, or if you are returning to dBASE after a number of years looking to enhance an existing dBASE 2.8 for Windows skill set, these two one-hour training sessions will help you on your way. For individuals that have already purchased dBASE 2.8, this class can be purchased separately. The cost of this training seminar will be $199 for two one-hour sessions. Following your purchase, you will receive a private invitation outlining the exact data and time that the online class will take place including details on how to participate. We are pleased to announce there will be two different time options available to better accommodate worldwide participation. Both sessions will be presented in English and based on feedback from previous classes, both will consist of a single two hour session. October 4th from 1:00 PM EST to 3:00 PM EST (GMT -5). October 4th from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST (GMT -5). The agenda for each option will include the following topics: • How to use design tools to create and edit an application • Creating dBASE File (DBF) Tables with indexes • Establishing Parent Child Relationships with Data Modules • Setting up Data Entry Forms • Customize your application with Menus • Enhance Reports by showing Grouped and Summarized data • Building and Packaging the application for deployment to client workstations Each of these interactive sessions will grant you direct access to dBase’s own engineering staff where you can directly ask questions and drill down into any issue that you need more help with. Best Regards, Michael J. Rozlog President and Chief Executive Officer dBase, LLC
Sep 07

First 150 days of the new dBase, LLC.

By dBaseGeoffrey | News Releases , Newsroom

On Monday April 2nd 2012 dBase LLC was introduced and dBASE was reborn. Since then, we have been in the process of reintroducing the new dBase LLC, the company that is reinvigorating the dBASE product lines. It has been roughly one-hundred-fifty days and we wanted to touch base and share a quick review of what has been accomplished, and where the new company stands. In the initial press release and announcement, we made a promise to the dBase community that we would be working around the clock to provide the best products and services to ensure our users could manage data, build cutting-edge applications, and tools. We also made the promise that we would communicate as much as we could, take feedback from you, and make decisions that will best reflect the needs of our vast community of users, developers, and fans. In case you missed it, here is what we have done thus far:
  • Restarting the new company: There was a great deal of work behind the scenes since this was a massive undertaking, and the new team pulled it off in spectacular fashion. It involved not only integrating the existing employees with new employees, it was revitalizing the very core of the operational side of the company. Everything from Email, Newsgroups, Accounting, and even the Office Furniture needed to be updated, reviewed, and reset!
  • Worldwide Distributors: One of the main concerns was reestablishing strong connections to our worldwide distributors to ensure that we could deliver great products and services around the world. I am pleased to announce that by working closely with the distributors and understanding what they need to be successful that we have rebuilt the team and will be expanding in areas that we currently do not have coverage.
  • Update dBASE 2.8: As our first major product undertaking, we wanted to show the community that we could deliver. Within the first month of operations, we had reintroduced a new standard license agreement, one that would protect both our customers and ourselves as well. We also introduced new STANDARD pricing. No more massive sales discounts or waiting until this day or that day to purchase, the standard pricing for dBASE PLUS 2.8 is $399.00 USD new version, $299.00 USD upgrade. Then, as a token of appreciation to all of our loyal customers that had already purchased 2.7x and shown support for the product, we provided an upgrade to dBASE 2.8 free of charge.
  • Introduction of dbDOS™: Not every dBASE application has kept up with the changing times. For many, the philosophy of “if it is not broken, do not try and fix it” still applies. This is certainly true of many existing dBASE for DOS applications that are still operational today. The problem is that maintaining the underlying DOS operating system on modern updateable hardware is becoming a serious challenge. The software is outliving the hardware. dbDOS™ was centered around the idea that we wanted to support the ENTIRE dBASE community, not just the latest and greatest dBASE products. It is unbelievable the number of developers and users around the world that are still using the DOS-based version of dBASE. These MS-DOS based versions of dBASE will not run on Windows Vista and above. dbDOS™ not only allows you to do that, but it also allows you to print, which was not possible using the current Virtual Machines (VM’s) on the market today. The response has been wonderful, and if you want to learn more about dbDOS take a look at the website:
  • New website: This was a huge challenge because we had over 10 years of information located in a rather old style website that was very hard to maintain and update in a timely manner. The main concern was to make sure that the “information” that the community relies on was there and as close to the same URL location as possible. In addition, we wanted to add as much media as possible to tell the story, so the team spent a good amount of time optimizing images, videos, and sound to ensure a speedy experience even when the internet connection is less than optimal. It also had to be available on mobile devices of all types. We are very pleased with the outcome. The new site has a modern look and feel, is easy to update and maintain, and you can search for information located across the website. It is a strong foundation for dBase to launch new and existing products in the future. If you have not visited the new website, please take a minute or two to check it out:
  • Introduction of dBase lead training: Another one of the requests that we received almost every day was for training classes. We heard you loud and clear! We began offering dBASE Plus training in the month of July, gave the first training at the beginning of August, and made it an official product offering later in the month. We had our first class with paying customers this week. Be on the lookout for more classes coming in the next couple of months. The next new one will be dbDOS training and then more dBASE training. For more information on training look at the new website overview:
  • Introduction of dBASE CLASSIC™: This product, which is based on the dBASE V (5.0) for DOS, was put in place because of the number of requests we received from the dBASE community. Before the introduction of dBASE CLASSIC™, it was a less than intuitive ordering process that was expensive and time consuming. We have resolved all of those issues, added in a copy of all the full manuals in searchable PDFs, and set a low introductory price. If you want or need more information on dBASE CLASSIC™ please check out the website:
This list is just the start. Our re-established research and development team is working hard on many new features to our existing products, as well as some new offerings that we hope will meet your personal and professional needs. In the coming days, we will be enhancing the online store to give a better experience when purchasing products, which will make it faster and easier to use. We hope you like what you are seeing from the new dBase company, and we would love for you to take a few minutes to answer some survey questions focusing on what we have been doing and what we can do better. Please go to the survey here: and answer this short questionnaire. We will use this information to help craft a long-term strategy that will keep dBASE in tune with what you need, and turn dBase LLC into the company you always wanted it to be. Thanks again for your time and consideration. Go dBase! Mike Rozlog dBase, LLC. President and CEO