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Support Options

Support Options

Telephone Technical Support

Tech-support incidents fall into three categories: Installation support, End-User Support and Developer Support

  • Installation Having problems installing any of the most current releases of dBase LLC products? Our tech support engineers will help you get up and running. This supports ends when the product’s main screen is displayed.

    Cost: No Charge

  • Product Consultation Having difficulty using any dBase LLC product or finding a feature you need? Need help using the dBASE® 2019 IDE or design tools such as the Command Window, Web Wizards, Form and Report Wizards, Project Explorer, or any other dBase tool? Our engineers will walk you through the process, find your feature, and guide you through the rich collection of tools in dBASE®. Having problems running your application across the network or the Web? Need to push the envelope, and can’t figure out how to accomplish that very special task? Need help creating or editing a dbDOSv™ 2.x config? Call our expert Tech Support engineers for assistance. Call us for a price quote and to schedule based on availability.

    Cost: $149.00 USD per hour

How To Get Technical Support

To request assistance via telephone, call the dBase LLC Call Center:

607-729-0234 (US and International)

Or email

The call center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time USA.

All Tech Support incidents are handled on a call-back or email-back basis.

You may be able to save yourself expense and time by taking advantage of the dBASE® KnowledgeBase. We find that most technical support problems are the result of learning issues rather than technical issues. We suggest that you search the dBASE® KnowledgeBase to see if any of the available messages, articles, tutorials, etc. applies to your specific issue before contacting the dBase LLC Call Center.

Products That We offer Paid Technical Support For

Supported Products

The following products are supported by dBbase LLC Technical Support.

  • dBASE® 2019
  • dbDOSv™ 2.x
  • dBASE® CLASSIC Bundle
  • dbfImport™ 2
  • dbfExport™ 3
  • dbfInspect™
  • dbfCompare™
  • dumpSQL™
  • moveSQL™

Unsupported Products

The following products are NOT supported by dBASE Technical Support:

  • dBASE® III
  • dBASE® III+
  • dBASE® IV
  • dBASE® 5.0 for DOS
  • dBASE® 5.x for Windows
  • Visual dBASE® 5.x
  • Visual dBASE® 7.5
  • dBASE® 2K
  • Personal dBASE®
  • dBASE® PLUS 2.6
  • dBASE® PLUS 2.7
  • dBASE® PLUS 2.8
  • dBASE® PLUS 8 with ADO
  • dBASE® PLUS 9
  • dBASE® PLUS 10
  • dBASE® PLUS 11
  • dBASE® PLUS 12
  • dbDOS™ 1.x
  • dbDOS™ 2.x
  • dbDOS™ PRO 3
  • dbDOS™ PRO 4
  • dbDOS™ PRO 4N
  • dbDOS™ PRO 5+N
  • dbDOS™ PRO 6
  • dbDOS™ PRO 7


If you need information on upgrading to current versions, please contact our dBase LLC Call Center at 607-729-0234 for Support.

As a convenience to current users of these unsupported products, dBase, LLC provides a peer support newsgroup where you can obtain assistance from your fellow developers.