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Aug 22

Introducing the new dbDOS™ PRO 2

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Upgrade NOW to DOUBLE the speed of your dbDOS™ apps! dbDOS™ PRO 2 does more of what you have come to expect from dbDOS™, and it does it a whole lot faster. The new dbDOS™ PRO 2 is based on an updated core technology that has proven to be 100% faster than anything we have seen on previous versions of dbDOS™. Add that to a completely redesigned configuration manager, and you cannot only manage your dBASE apps more effectively, but they will be able to run complex tasks more efficiently. “dbDOS™ PRO 2 has been tested against nearly fifty different real world dBASE apps that represent a wide range of complexity. It truly is a MUST have for anybody using DOS based dBASE products,” say Mike Rozlog – CEO of dBase. “Not only is dbDOS™ PRO 2 100% faster, it has better overall support for DOS based products, and adds new support for interacting with Windows to DOS, and DOS to Windows, communications. This takes our support for DOS based products to the next level.” dbDOS™ PRO 2 adds a number of updates, features, and innovations including updated support for Windows® 8, 2012, 7, 8, 2008, Vista, 2003, and XP. This will help keep dBASE apps running well into the future.
  • Improved Memory Management System that does not require additional 3rd Party memory managers which reduces the hardware conflicts
  • Reliably copy information from Windows into dbDOS™ VM clipboard
  • Reengineered technique that allows one to paste information from dbDOS™ VM into the Windows OS clipboard
  • Enhanced print screen functionality makes it easier than ever to quickly create a record of what you are doing in your dBASE app
  • Updated dbDOS™ configuration utility makes it easier to create, update, and manage multiple dbDOS™ configurations
The original release of dbDOS™ back in May of 2012 was very well received, especially for its ability to run on new machines and print out old reports on new printers. Since that time, we have heard from many dBASE app developers about what works and what does not work for them. All of this valuable information on how people interact with dbDOS™ has culminated into dbDOS™ PRO 2.0. The one issue that everybody always wanted was increased speed. With the new dbDOS™ PRO 2, the speed increase is really noticeable with Re-Indexing, Indexing, and heavy processing routine, so much so, that on most machines the speed is a 100% faster. In order to keep the cost of dbDOS™ PRO 2 as low as possible, we have dropped support for dbDOS™ 1.x product. The upgrade cost for dbDOS™ PRO 2 is $99 USD and new licenses are available for $149.00 USD. Discounts available for individual orders of 10 licenses or greater. Quotes are available upon request. As per our policy, anyone who purchased dbDOS™ 1.x in the last 30 days will receive a license free of charge. An email with the details will be sent in the next 2 business days. BUY NOW! Upgrade to dbDOS™ PRO 2 for $99 (USD) or you can purchase a new license of dbDOS™ PRO 2 for $149 (USD) and it comes with a 15-day money back offer! If you have DOS based products, you need dbDOS™ PRO 2!
Aug 06

dbfExport is the easiest way to export your dBASE data ever!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

First application in the new line of dbfUtilities! dbfExport™ is a brand new utility to help make the job of working with dBASE database files (.dbf) a little easier. It is the first of a new set of utilities that will focus on working with dBASE tables. The goal is to make the job of working with dBASE data easier for everybody. The new dbfExport™ can convert dBASE data from .dbf files to CSV, Microsoft® Excel, or XML in three easy steps. “The new dBase, LLC is focused on providing products that help people work with data. The new dbfExport™ is a Windows® based utility that makes it very simple to export your data into common formats that people use every day,” said Mike Rozlog CEO. “This is the first and most requested utility and will be part of a family of utilities that will be introduced over the coming weeks, under the banner of dbfUtilities™.” Using it is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
  • Select either a BDE Alias or a specific .dbf file on your hard drive.
  • Choose your output format, CSV, Microsoft Excel, or XML.
  • Press the Export button to begin the export.

The new dbfExport™ is available NOW through the dBASE store and is priced at $19.95 USD Watch this video for an overview of dbfExport™ in action.