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The dBASE KnowledgeBase

Welcome to the dBASE KnowledgeBase!  In the navigation column to the left are several links:

  • Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) -- This page has a collection of the questions and answers that most often come up in discussions on our news server, and over the phones with our support technicians.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced articles -- these are how-to articles written by experienced dBASE developers, many of whom have been featured speakers at technical conferences.  These are grouped based on the level of expertise required to make use of the content.  If you are just getting started with Visual dBASE you should first have a look at the Beginning-level articles, as they will take you through the first steps of developing applications.  As your experience grows, move into the Intermediate and Advanced articles.
  • General -- documents of general interest, including how to access the dBASE Inc. news server, the dBASE Users Function Library project (dUFLP), and more.
  • WebZines -- dBASE web magazines, including the dBASE Developer's Bulletin.
  • Documentation -- electronic versions of dBASE manuals, and other documentation.

Should you require any assistance with dBASE, please look first in the FAQs and the articles provided here, then check the newsgroups.  You can also post questions in the newsgroups if the answer to your question isn't readily visible.  (Be sure to read the "Support via Newsgroups" article before posting, to help speed a response to your question.)  And if all else fails, you can of course call our tech support staff for assistance.

There are also some other sources on the Internet for dBASE support. Please click here to jump to the list of these resources (part of the dUFLP documentation).

As always, we welcome feedback regarding the KnowledgeBase.  Please drop a note to the KB manager with any suggestions, contributions or feedback.

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