dBASEis a 32-bit rapid application development (RAD) environment for the creation of powerful database applications and data-driven web applications.  It features flexible interactive database administration tools, an advanced third-generation object-oriented programming model, and a high level of backward compatibility.

The dBASE package includes both the Borland Database Engine (BDE), and Active Data Objects (ADO), which allows easy connectivity to multiple databases.  The BDE is focused on givng the highest support for dBASE tables—including the new DBF7 file format—and provides native support for Paradox.  The BDE and ADO can give you access to Microsoft Access, and Microsoft FoxPro formats, as well as any 32-bit ODBC-supported data source.  dBASE Plus also allows you to create links to other data sources through custom data objects.

The following items are where you can get additional information on dBASE:

The dBASE Newsgroups:

The dBASE Newsgroups, located at news.dbase.com are a place where dBASE users and developers can obtain peer support and exchange information, tips and techniques. We encourage members of the dBASE community to assist each other with technical questions. Please read the Newsgroup Guidelines before participating.

For more information about Newsgroup Guidelines, and configuring your newsreader, visit the dBASE website at www.dBase.com.

The dBASE Knowledgebase:

The dBASE Knowledgebase is also available on the dBASE Inc. website; http://www.dbase.com.  The Knowledgebase is an ever expanding repository of all things dBASE.  Check our website frequently for updates!

Topics and information include:


Note: The dBASE FAQ, Knowledgebase, and Newsgroups are now available in dBASE PLUS help system.  These integrated items can be accessed from the help system toolbar, which means you do not have to leave dBASE to get more help.