Initializes automem variables with empty values for the current table.




Use CLEAR AUTOMEM to initialize a set of automem variables containing empty values for the current table. CLEAR AUTOMEM creates any automem variables that don't exist already. If the variables exist, CLEAR AUTOMEM reinitializes them. If no table is in use, CLEAR AUTOMEM doesn't create any variables.

CLEAR AUTOMEM creates normal variables. They default to private scope when CLEAR AUTOMEM is executed in a program or function. If there is a danger of overwriting previously created public or private variables with the same name, you must declare the new automem variables PRIVATE individually by name before issuing CLEAR AUTOMEM, just as you would if you created the variables manually.

Automem variables have the same names and data types as the fields in an active table. You can create empty automem variables automatically for the current table by using CLEAR AUTOMEM or USE...AUTOMEM, or manually by using STORE or the assignment operators.


The Rowset object contains an array of Field objects, accessed through its fields property. These Field objects have value properties that may be programmed like variables.