Creates a Windows executable file (.EXE) from your dBASE Plus object files and resources.


BUILD FROM <project or reponse file name>


BUILD <filename list> [ICON <icon filename>] [SPLASH <bitmap filename>] [TO <executable filename>] [WEB]

FROM <project or response file name>

Name of a dBASE Plus project or response file that contains the names of all object files and resources that are to be linked into your executable. If no extension is provided, .PRJ is assumed.

<filename list>

List of compiled program elements, separated by commas. If you provide a filename without an extension, .PRO (compiled program) is assumed.

ICON <icon filename>

Optional icon (.ICO) file used to identify your program in the Windows environment (e.g., when minimized or listed in the Windows Explorer or a program group).

SPLASH <bmp format filename>

Optional bitmap (.BMP) file that displays while your program loads.

TO <executable filename>

The name of the Windows executable file (.EXE) to create. If not specified, the base file name of the named project or response file (or the first file name in <filename list>) is used.


Specifies that an application will be used as a web application, rather than a desktop application.

When run, an application built using the WEB keyword will take advantage of optimizations built into PLUSrun.exe which allow it to load faster and use fewer resources than a non-WEB application. Please note that these optimizations restrict a web application from containing code to create, or use, visual components such as forms, buttons, toolbars, status bars, and other form components. Only non-visual objects such as sessions, data modules, queries, rowsets, non-visual objects and custom classes should be used.

In addition, when a web application .exe is run directly, rather than as a parameter to PLUSrun.exe, using the WEB parameter allows it to detect when itís been prematurely terminated by a Web server (as happens when an application takes too long to respond). If a premature termination occurs, PLUSrun.exe also terminates to prevent it from becoming stranded in memory.

To determine if an application was built using the WEB parameter, see the _app object's web property. For additional information, see "Startup optimizations for Web applications" and "Change to command line for PLUSrun.exe".


Use the BUILD command to link compiled dBASE Plus program elements and supporting resources (such as bitmaps and icons) into a Windows executable (.EXE) file.

Though the new project file format is the default for build specifications, support for response (.RSP) files is offered for backward compatibility.

For Web based applications, it's important to use the WEB parameter. When a server terminates an application, the WEB parameter enables dBASE Plus to simultaneously terminate it's runtime.