New Memory Manager enables dBASE to run even faster with dbDOS 1.5!

dbDOS™ continues to be the fastest, easiest way to run dBASE™ for DOS on the latest Windows Operating Systems. Bundled with the reintroduced dBASE™ CLASSIC for DOS and you have a complete solution to launch your own dBASE™ applications on the latest hardware platforms. With version 1.5, dbDOS™ manages memory even better than before. In fact, procedures that once took forty-five minutes now take less than two. This allows dbDOS™ 1.5 to not only run dBASE™ for DOS programs faster and more efficiently, but also enables users to run more DOS based programs than ever before.

That is not all; we have been hard at work making dbDOS™ the best solution to extend the lifespan of dBASE programs well into the future. Here are some of the top features that are offered:

  • Easy to use wizard based interface supports importing and exporting of multiple environment configurations
  • No modifications to dBASE™ or any other applications are required
  • Ability to run any of your DOS programs* (BETA)
  • Very small footprint, under 10 megabytes of storage needed for the program
  • Enhanced memory capabilities with JEMM386 enables programs to run much faster
  • New clipboard feature for pasting text into DOS from Windows
  • Pick your screen resolution, need a bigger window than the default 640×480.
  • Ability to print ESC and Printer specific codes to the host OS’s printers (either networked or connected)
  • Revive existing applications instead of rewriting them

*Requires original installation media and license from manufacture

If you are using dbDOS™ now, download the patch from dbase.com/updatesandfixes.asp and install it over the current version then open up each configuration and save it again. Please watch this YouTube video where I explain this in more detail at youtube.com/user/dBaseLLC.

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