Announcing dBASE PLUS 8

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dBase, LLC is very excited to announce the new and updated version to its #1 selling product dBASE PLUS! The new dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO is the latest product to be released from dBase, LLC and is focused on adding several key new features, modernizing the approach to database application development, and updating the look and feel of the product so many enjoy using everyday.

“Nine months in the lab and it is really exciting,” said Mike Rozlog, President, and CEO of the new dBase, LLC. “The newly formed R&D team has been very dedicated to adding new features like Microsoft Windows® 8 compatibility, ADO connectivity, and an entirely new look and feel to the product. As we announced earlier this year with the Glyfx partnership, we are pushing all the products to have a more modern look, complemented by a host of new technologies under the hood.”

The new product still supports forward compatibility features, like support for the BDE, the advanced Runtime features, and the ability to package the product with the new updated Project Manager.

Trial Download

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