In order to achieve its vision of delivering next-generation business intelligence products and data management tools, dBase is committed to fostering innovation in workforce management.  dBase is a great place to work because our home is your home.  Our corporate headquarters is limitless in size and scope.  Our work space is as expansive as the creativity and diversity of our people. It is estimated that more than one billion people worldwide are part of the unrelenting movement toward virtual work—availability and accountability anywhere and anytime.  At dBase, we’re passionate about our people, passionate about communication and collaboration technologies, and passionate about the global shift toward work teams unencumbered by physical space or location. Our goal is to recruit and reward talented, motivated and committed team members—no matter where they live.  We provide the very best and latest technology tools, flexibility in work schedules, and leadership commitment that not only enable our people to work virtually, but to thrive. We offer competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package, personal development opportunities, and incentive and recognition programs that support our business goals, the long-term growth of our people, and our dedication to changing the way team members succeed and flourish. Whether your talent is software development, customer service, product management, sales, marketing, human resources, finance, or administration, we’re always looking for good people.  So if you have desire, motivation, and enthusiasm; if you want to work with a dynamic group of people who are passionate about changing the world of data management; and if your career goals are to contribute and make a difference, we want to hear from you. Send your cover letter and resume to: Thank you for your interest in a career with dBase.