dBase Launches dBaseDATA.com for On-Demand, Hassle-Free Data

By dBaseGeoffrey | News Releases

Apr 09
dBase, LLC today introduced dBaseDATA™, an online service that provides access to a wide variety of trusted datasets that have been produced by some of the world’s leading organizations, governments and statistical data warehouses. dBaseDATA provides data that is timely and essential to give organizations a more complete data landscape, and ultimately make more informed business decisions. Businesses need current data in formats they can consume. dBase has built a revolutionary system for obtaining publically available data, analyzing it, categorizing it and then producing it in the most needed formats, including SQLLite, DBF and XLS. Other formats may be added based on customer need. “Today the term big data means a lot of different things. Regardless of the definition, the underlying challenge isn’t that organizations have too much or too little data, it’s that they don’t have complete data, which makes it difficult to leverage the data in ways that can positively impact their business,” said Mike Rozlog, president and CEO of dBase, LLC. “With dBaseDATA we’re filling in the blanks. The new service enables organizations to easily augment their existing data landscape, and turn this combined data into actionable information. This gives organizations a more complete information chain to make contextual, critical decisions in a timely manner.” In most cases, looking for data, determining if the data is relevant and then transforming the data into a useful format takes days, if not weeks, of work for one or more people. dBaseDATA can help turn data into actionable information in hours or minutes. dBaseDATA datasets can be leveraged in three primary ways:
  • Augmentation – In this instance, the dataset is uploaded and inserted into existing databases and used alongside existing information to enhance queries.
  • Research – A timely research effort may require additional data to make a key decision clearer. In such instances, the user may need to know something that one particular dataset contains, either as a straight lookup value or derived as a calculated value.
  • Lookup – In addition to enhanced research and analysis, sometimes options must be presented to the users who access the applications and solutions already created. This could be by adding depth, relative information or by shortening the time a user takes to input data by providing more meaningful drop-down values.
dBaseDATA is an integral part of the dBase strategy of being the Base™ for all things data. dBaseDATA defines a new area in data and database management with the introduction of data augmentation – on-demand, hassle-free data, when it’s needed and how it’s needed. Pricing and Availability Pricing per dataset ranges from $9.95 to $499, depending on the size and complexity of the dataset. Current datasets offered include financial, demographic, population, crime and lookup data. Additional datasets will be added frequently. dBase can also create custom datasets. For more information or to search available datasets, visit www.dbasedata.com.