dBase, LLC Announces Immediate Release of the NEW dBASE PLUS 10.1!

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Aug 25

The New dBASE PLUS 10.1 includes updates and fixes to support the most complex applications built using the dBASE products!

 BINGHAMTON, N.Y.Aug. 25, 2015PRLogBINGHAMTON, NY — August 25, 2015 — dBase, LLC (https://www.dbase.com) today announced dBASE PLUS 10.1, the latest version of the legendary dBASE™ database management system.  Recognized as the world’s first widely used desktop data management system, dBASE remains one of the most popular software titles in the world.  The new dBASE PLUS 10.1 version includes a vast array of fixes that make the product more stable, easier to use, easier to deploy, and is fully optimized for today’s Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system.
Key updates and features of dBASE PLUS 10.1 include:
  • Get rid of dBASE PLUS 2.6.2 and below!  – dBASE PLUS 10.1 not only supports all of the Microsoft OSs including the new Windows® 10 and below, it also has a fix for ActiveX controls that will allow it to work with about 95% of the old ActiveX controls on the market today! ***This was the #1 reason why people did not upgrade from 2.6.2***
  • Fixed Double-Buffering – dBASE PLUS 10.1 now takes up less than 1% of the CPU to fully engage Double-Buffering in an application.  This is a huge optimization and it fixes many of the transparency issues of the past, especially using PNG graphics.
  • Fixed a massive amount of Display issues – dBASE PLUS 10.1fixes many of the graphic display issues found since 2.7.  Additionally the new included Graphic resources provide you get over 15,000 high-quality royalty free PNG based graphics!
  • Fixed many of the dBugger™ issues reported – dBASE PLUS 10 introduced a brand-new debugger and many of the small glitches have been fixed in dBASE PLUS 10.1!
  • Updated Grid, ListView, GridEx components – dBASE PLUS 10.1fixes many of the small bugs reported since the release.
  • HUGE amount of ADO fixes – dBASE PLUS 10.1 has a great many fixes for ADO, which makes it even easier to use than before!
  • Fixed a great amount of IDE and Editor Issues – dBASE PLUS 10.1 fixes many of the little idiosyncrasies for better productivity!
  • Many HELP updates are included as well.
  • Many, many more items fixed in dBASE PLUS 10.1
  “What can I say, dBASE PLUS 10.1 blows the lid off of the old products and is exactly what our user community requested.” said Mike Rozlog, president, and CEO of dBase, LLC.  “The new dBASE PLUS 10.1 enables old ActiveX components to be used again, this enablement is 7 years in the making and it only scratches the surface of the fixes included in dBASE PLUS 10.1!  There is something in this release for every user of the dBASE PLUS product line and can’t wait until the users get to use it full-time… in a word, awesome!.” Created in 1981, dBASE is still used by millions of software developers (https://www.dbase.com) and others in Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide. dBase, LLC was created in 2012 by a group of investors, experienced technology leaders and former employees of dataBased Intelligence, Inc. (dBI), a privately-held company that had been the legal heir to the dBASE database management system. As guardian of the dBASE brand, dBase, LLC is committed to revitalizing its flagship product while also delivering a new generation of data solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses, work teams and individuals transform data into actionable information. Pricing and Availability The price for dBASE PLUS 10.1 is $499 for new users and $399 to upgrade from existing dBASE products.  The new version of dBASE continues to support forward compatibility features, including dBASE, Paradox, and other data sources; the advanced runtime features; and the ability to package the product with the updated Project Manager.  dBASE PLUS 10.1 is available today on Windows Vista and above operating systems including the latest Windows® 10. About dBase, LLC dBase, LLC is changing the way people utilize data. The company’s business intelligence products and data management tools quickly transform raw data into useful information, enabling organizations of any size to make more informed business decisions and be more productive. The company’s flagship product, dBASE, was the world’s first widely used relational database management system and is still used by millions of software developers and others worldwide. For more information about dBase, LLC and its data management products, visit https://www.dbase.com.
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