dBASE PLUS 8 – We Speak Your Language

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dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO is here and ready for you to exploit! dBase, LLC is proud to announce the latest version of dBASE, version 8.1.

The new 8.1 version builds on the exciting new features found in 8.0 and adds a few new ones to make the product better than ever.

  • Improved and Extended Multi-language support: we now offer German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and of course English.
  • Enhanced ActiveX support: now use the most common ActiveX controls and OLE automation.
  • Revamped internal graphics engine: now use the standard and modern versions of all graphic formats including multi-image .ico(s), .png, gifs, and even animated gifs.
  • New BDE User Alias wizard: now set up the BDE connection using the new Desktop Properties connection wizard.
  • Updated components: we continue to update and add new capabilities to key components that have been modernized since the release of 8.0.

The above features are added to the already updated dBASE 8.0 product that included several key new features, Microsoft Windows® 8 compatibility, ADO connectivity, High Precision Math support, and an entirely new look and feel modernizing the approach to database application development.

The new product still supports forward compatibility features like support for the BDE, the advanced Runtime features, and the ability to package the product with the new updated Project Manager.


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