dBASE – theBASE for all things data, with dBASE™ PLUS 10, dbDOS™ PRO 5+N, dbfExport™, dbfImport™, dbfCompare™, dbfInspect™, dumpSQL™ and moveSQL™

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Welcome to dBase, theBASE™ for all things data! We are excited about the new products and services that we continue bring to the market. dBASE™ PLUS 10 the newest dBASE™ product to be released and focused on making development of dBASE™ programs easier and faster than ever before. In addition, other new products like dbDOS™ PRO 5+N which now allows record locking across the network. In addition to those great products we also have updates to the latest dbfUtilities™ (dbfExport™ 2, dbfImport™, dbfInspect™, dbfCompare™ and dbfExplorer™). Learn all about them below:
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dBASE™ PLUS 10 unshackles your data driven applications with the first two new data-aware components in 15 years! We have unleashed an updated and revamped compiler that increases application execution by as much as 30%. Remove the shackles off your development process using the new application debugger called dBugger™ that adds new inter-process communications, a new look and feel, and uses the same editor as dBASE to squash bugs fast! In addition to those, dBASE™ PLUS 10 includes a new set of royalty-free modern Graphic resources, dComplete™ 2.0 for faster code development, and we FINALLY have the ability to embed the dBASE™ Runtime into a single executable.

dbDOS™ PRO 5+N

dbDOS™ PRO 5+N is the next generation of DOS support on the Windows® 64-bit operating systems. dbDOS™ PRO 5+N does not care if your DOS applications are stand-alone or networked, dbDOS™ works the same way regardless of DOS application type. Simply put, dbDOS™ PRO 5+N is the fastest way to DOS on Windows®.


dbfUtilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with .dbf files. The original makers of the famed dBASE product line create these new utilities to make working with .dbf files as easy as possible

SQL Utilities™

SQL Utilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with SQL databases. Managing database tables should not always require sophisticated technical skills.


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