dbfExport 3

It really is as four (5) simple steps to export your data from dBASE database (.dbf) files. The new dbfExport™ 3 makes it so simple to export the contents of a .dbf file to one of five (6) formats. No matter if, you want to export to CSV, HTML, Microsoft Excel® 2003 and below, Microsoft Excel® 2007and above, XML or even the NEW JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file type. dbfExport™ 3 now gives you unprecedented control over the output as well by giving you options to apply to your data when exporting. This is truly the next generation in export technology.

Feature List:
  • Opens .dbf file formats for dBASE level 3+(limited), 4 or 7 tables
  • New Index sequence export
  • Creates Microsoft Excel 2010 compatible spreadsheets
  • Export .dbf tables to .CSV, .HTML, .XLS, .XLSX, .XML, and .JSON
Screen Shots:
dbfExport3 1 dbfExport3 2
dbfExport3 3 dbfExport3 4
dbfExport3 5
dbfExport3 5