dbfInspect™ is the .dbf (table) utility from dBase that makes working and interacting with .dbf files quick, easy and fun. The new dbfInspect™ is based on the same model as the other dbfUtilities and uses a simple interface to get the most out of your database tables. The new dbfInspect™ works with tables from dBASE III+ all the way through the latest dBASE version, dBASE® 2019. This unique utility can read, modify, insert, delete, pack, and print using any of your tables. It has two advanced search systems built-in, one for simple searches and the other for more in-depth searches, the product even lets you search memo fields for information. In addition, the new dbfInspect™ has a very flexible print system included as well. Need a printout of the table, no problem… need to reduce the columns and only print a few, no problem… want to add headers, footers, and customize the output, again no problem. Others talk about supporting dBASE™ files, but there is only one trusted source to the .dbf tables and that is the original dBASE™ company. dbfInpsect™ is part of the complete line of dbfUtilities; dbfExport™ 3, dbfImport™, and dbfCompare™, all available to help you work smarter with dBASE™ databases. We believe software should be fast, easy to use, and actually fun!

Feature List:
  • Works on Windows XP through Windows® 10
  • Works with dBASE™ III+ through dBASE® 2019 tables
  • Does a complete Table Structure review
  • Change, Insert, and Delete rows of data including BLOB (Images and Sound) files
  • Work seamlessly with Memo fields
  • Integrated Simple Search
  • Advanced Search with wildcard, selected rows and columns and wildcards as well
  • A complete filtering system to reduce the number of rows
  • Filter only select items
  • Use the Starts with, Ends with, Contains with filtering
  • Advanced Printing of filtered rows
  • Add Headers, titles and footers to your printouts
  • Save your print configurations and re-load them at a later time
Screen Shots:
dbfInspect 1 dbfInspect 2
dbfInspect 3 dbfInspect 4