dBase – Easy to use and simple to understand

[raw] Easy to use and simple to understand. [clear h=”5″] Easy to use and simple to understand. [clear h=”10″]

dBASE has always been about making the task of working with data easy for everyone to understand, and this fundamental principle dates back to the very origins of the product. C. Wayne Ratliff, original developer of Vulcan, which went on to become dBASE, “was caught up in the idea of writing a program that would understand plain English and operate on-the-fly”.

With dBASE, you will be able to quickly take control of the data you need in order to be a success. Whether you need to create an invoice to send out to your customers, or determine who has the best stats in your local sports league, dBASE can help you get to a solution that is as easy to understand as it is to build.

By keeping things simple, you can also maintain control over your data well into the future. Nearly half of all current dBASE customers are still using the same solution that they started some twenty years ago. Proving that dBASE is an investment that will return its value many times over.


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