New Data Management Company Launches dBASE 2.8

By mrozlog | News Releases

Apr 23

Package Includes Definitive Book on Legendary Product

dBase LLC to offer Free upgrade for dBASE 2.70.x users

BINGHAMTON, NY (April 23, 2012) — dBase LLC, a leading provider of business intelligence software products and data management tools, today announced dBASE 2.8, the latest version of its legendary relational database management system, which will be offered free to users of dBASE 2.70.x.

Launched earlier this month, the new company dBase was created with a vision to continue support for and revitalize development of dBASE, the world’s first widely used desktop database and one of the most popular software titles of all time, as well as to deliver a new generation of software solutions that will help small- and medium- sized businesses, work teams and individuals transform raw data into actionable information.

“We are bringing this new version of dBASE to market to address some key issues that our customers have told us,” said Michael J. Rozlog, president and CEO, dBASE LLC. “When we launched the company, we said we would be a company that listens to its customers and responds. By releasing this new version just weeks after our company launch, we are demonstrating our commitment to the dBASE community worldwide that we will not only support but continue improving this great product.”

The new Installer in dBASE 2.8 significantly improves the initial out-of-the-box experience for customers when installing the product, allowing for smoother installs across the entire Microsoft Windows® Operating System lines of products, including Microsoft Vista and Windows 7. Increased quality and foundational improvements will make dBASE 2.8 run better and more stable on all platforms.

The new version is still built on the dBASE 2.70.x architecture, which supported a new compiler and build approach that have been well received by long-time users.

Purchase of dBASE 2.8 will include a free copy of The dBASE Book, the 686-page definitive work on the dBASE product, written by Ken Mayer, one of the world’s leading authorities on dBASE and how to get the most out of the product. The book is a $50 value for customers.

The dBASE Book is aimed at developers of dBASE applications from beginner to advanced, and will assist developers in getting up to speed quickly with the dBASE Object model. It covers dBASE application development from design to deployment.

“A must have for any dBASE user,” wrote one recent reviewer of the book. “I started out with dBASE III some years back, and the product continues to blow the doors off of the competition on many levels. This is the book to have to help guide your dBASE tables, applications, and other developments. Concise, to the point, and, importantly, authored by a long time user. It greatly helped my transition from programming in dBase 5.0 to the new dBASE.”

Pricing for dBASE 2.8 is $399 for the standard full package and $299 for the full version upgrade. The upgrade will be free to users of dBASE 2.70.x. Click this link to visit a Web site to download the free upgrade