The dBASE PLUS 8.1 Update Speaks Your Language

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Jul 25

dBASE PLUS 8 has already been well received by a truly global customer base. The dBASE product generates just over forty percent of gross revenue from international sales. dBASE PLUS 8 continues to provide valuable tools that developers, business analysts, and users from around the world have come to depend on each and every day.

The new dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO is here! Now German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish speaking customers can use dBASE PLUS 8.1 in their native language. dBase, LLC introduced a brand new updated and upgraded dBASE back in March, and today we are proud to announce the new dBASE PLUS 8.1 version.

We are very excited to be offering such a significant release in the same calendar year as dBASE PLUS 8.0 What makes version 8.1 so great? Well a few things. First, this new release adds some significant new functionality for the dBASE product that the community has been requesting.

  • Locale Language Support (German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Enhanced ActiveX and Extern system support
  • Completely new internal graphics engine
  • Updated Components and Menus
  • *New BDE Alias wizard

In addition to the new features, the 8.1 release also includes all the fixes and updates found in 8.0 through, plus, we have fixed another round of reported issues with this release as well.

To remind everyone of our upgrade policy, dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO is a MAJOR RELEASE, which means ALL upgrades to dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO have to be purchased unless your purchase of dBASE PLUS 2.8 fell within the 30-day grace period of the March 19th release date.

If you have installed the Trial, then please use this link to download the update:

For a complete list of all of the issues that were fixed in dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO check:

We hope you like what you see. Purchase a new license of dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO here for $399.00 USD, or purchase the upgrade of dBASE PLUS 8.1 with ADO here for $299.00 USD. Purchase the dBASE PLUS 8.1 Personal Edition* here for $199.00 USD.

We told you this was a new dBase, now we need all of you that are sitting on the fence to BUY NOW! This is a great opportunity to get the latest and greatest in dBASE application development and there is no better time than now.

Again, we appreciate your feedback regarding dBASE PLUS 8 and are committed to making dBASE a platform worth your time and investment well into the future. We are listening to you and we do care.

Michael Rozlog CEO of dBase LLC *Personal Edition does not include ADO.