dbfInspect™ helps uncover the gold in your dbf files!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Mar 14
The NEW dbfInspect™ is the .dbf (table) utility from dBase that makes working and interacting with .dbf files quick, easy and fun. The new dbfInspect™ is based on same the approach introduced when we released the first dbfUtility called dbfExport™. The guiding design principles are to provide simple, fast, and Fun applications that work well with dBase databases. The new dbfInspect™ works with tables from dBASE IV all the way through the latest dBASE version, dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO. This unique utility can read, modify, insert, delete, pack, and print using any of your tables. It has two advanced search systems built-in, one for simple searches and the other for more in-depth searches,. It even lets you search memo fields for information. “The new dBase, LLC is focused on providing products that enable anyone with dBASE databases to interact and use the data even if they do not own a full copy of dBASE. The new dbfInspect™ is a Windows® based utility that makes it very simple to inspect the data stored in your dBASE database files,” said Mike Rozlog CEO. “Being able to interact and work with a dBASE database is a much sought after capability and this release shows our commitment to the family of dbfUtilities™ that have been introduced.” The new dbfInspect ™ is available NOW through the dBASE store and is priced at $49.95 USD. Check out this video for an overview of dbfInspect ™ in action.