dbfUtilities™ are a brand new set of applications that bring additional functionality when working with .dbf files. The original makers of the famed dBASE™ product line create these new utilities to make working with .dbf files as easy as possible


dbfCompare™ is the latest utility from dBase, LLC that changes the way you work with .dbf files. This seemingly simple utility does a lot of work out of the box and can save hours of time and energy figuring out differences between tables.

dbfExport 3

What makes dbfExport™ 3 better than the prior version? The process can be done in 5 simple steps…

  1. Select either a BDE Alias or a specific .dbf file on your hard drive.
  2. New Index based export functionality added
  3. Choose your output format:
    • NEW: JSON support – now ISO8061 compliant
    • CSV support – Enhanced
    • HTML support – Enhanced
    • Microsoft Excel® 2003 and below – Enhanced
    • Microsoft Excel 2007 and above – Enhanced
    • XML support – Enhanced
  4. Choose enhanced options for each of the supported export types.
  5. Press the Export button to begin the export.



It really is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! dbfImport™ makes it so simple to import the contents of a CSV, XML, or a Microsoft® Excel file into a .dbf database. Pick your file, name your database (.dbf) and press the build button and it is done in no time.


The new dbfInspect™ works with tables from dBASE™ IV all the way through the latest dBASE™ version, dBASE™ PLUS 11. This unique utility can read, modify, insert, delete, pack, and print using any of your tables. It has two advanced search systems built-in, one for simple searches and the other for more in-depth searches,. It even lets you search memo fields for information.

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