dBase Announces Price Reductions on Popular Database Product

By mrozlog | News Releases

Apr 02

BINGHAMTON, NY (April 2, 2012) — dBase LLC, a leading provider of business intelligence software products and data management tools, today announced significant price reductions on its legendary relational database management system—dBASE— and a unique solution for customers with multiple users.

dBASE, the world’s first widely used relational database management system and one of the best-selling software titles of its time, is now available for $399—a 55 percent reduction from its former price of $879.

“Our commitment will always be to offer the best possible value for our customers, and that means superior products and support at the most competitive prices we can deliver,” said Michael J. Rozlog, president and chief executive officer of dBase LLC. “Millions of people have been using dBASE every day for the past 20 years. We strongly believe millions more can benefit from this stalwart application, so we have priced it right and in line with market expectations.”

The company is also offering an additional discount on group purchases of five and 10 copies of dBASE. Customers can purchase a five-pack of the product for $1,845. A 10-pack is priced at $3,490.

In addition, the company is also announcing the following new discounted pricing: * The new price for the dBASE product upgrade is $299 * The price to upgrade from a competitive product is $299 * dBASE Educational is now priced at $49 * dBASE Personal is $149

dBase LLC is a new company created by group of investors, experienced technology and business leaders, and former employees of dataBased Intelligence, Inc. (dBI), a privately held company that had been the legal heir to dBASE . dBase LLC has a vision to serve small- and medium-sized business by helping them simply and effectively transform raw data into valuable information.

In addition to dBASE, the new organization will continue to market and support dBI’s other products—dQuery and dbEverywhere—as well as launch new versions with advanced features and capabilities. dBase will also bring to market business intelligence products and other software tools designed to help customers be more productive and market competitive.

dQuery is a software solution that connects in real-time the 12 most popular database products on the market today. dQuery enables users to solve critical and often time-sensitive business decisions without having an IT department create custom programs or reports.

dbEverywhere is a simple-to-use, Wizard-based product that enables users to create interactive data-driven Web sites. dbEverywhere automatically generates an industry-standard framework that is based on the leading LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) approach. This allows Web site creators to focus on design, rather than software code, saving 80 percent of the time required to build today’s Web sites. dbEverywhere also installs a complete “mini-internet” on the desktop, including all the tools needed to develop, test, debug and run the pages and applications you create, without leaving the Wizard.