Product Overview

It is time to Unleash your Applications with dBASE™ PLUS 10.3! The new dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 builds on the prior releases of the product, and delivers a superior rapid database application development environment. The updated product includes a modern object oriented programming language (dBL) that runs on 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows® operating systems, including the latest official version, Windows® 10! It can be used to build a wide variety of applications including web applications running either IIS or Apache, rich client Windows® applications in either 32 or 64-bit operating systems, middleware applications, as well as server based applications. In addition, all compiled standalone applications can be distributed royalty free! The new dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 brings new functionality to almost each part of the product. This includes new native Windows® components, updated compiler functionality, a brand new debugger, and many programmer productivity tools that will help developers get their jobs done faster and with more consistency. Here are some of the product areas that have been updated in dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 that will dramatically improve the product and your productivity:

  • NEW: Native Components, the first new native Windows® components to be added to dBASE™ in over 15 years!
  • NEW: Compiler, there have been optimizations all over the place and the ability to finally include the dBASE Runtime inside an .exe!
  • NEW: Debugger, the new dBugger™ now has the same look and feel as the dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 product and includes the same editor and new debugging features that dBASE developers have been waiting for!
  • Updated: Resource Handling, dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 now includes an Image editor, the ability to pull .png resources from resource dlls, and now includes over 4000 royalty free images to build cutting-edge applications!
  • Updated: Editor, not only have we continued to update the dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 editor; it also includes a new version of dComplete™ 2.0!.
  • Tons of quality enhancements, as always the dBASE team works tirelessly to squash as many bugs, issues, and concerns as possible. dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 is no exception and many have been fixed!
dBASE™ PLUS 10.3 comes ready to support your robust database applications that can access most modern database engines. In addition, other databases can be accessed via ADO and ODBC and it also supports access to its native .dbf tables (levels 3, 4, 5, and 7) as well as Paradox (.db) tables, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro tables.
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