One great environment - multiple output targets...




Today’s business challenges

  • You know what data you need but no way to capture it...

  • You want a simple way to build application with data...

  • You don’t understand how to build data-driven applications...

  • Everybody tells you building data-driven applications is very difficult...

  • Plus you have to learn how to code and coding is complex...

​If only there was a better way…

dBASE™ PLUS 12 solves these issues!

From Data to Application in record time…

Table Data View

​Table Data View

SQL Data View

​SQL Data View

Data Column View

Data Column View

Form Data Layout

Form Data Layout

No coding needed!

Building a custom Application is hard, right?

dBASE Wizard

dBASE Wizard

dBASE Designer

dBASE Designer

dBASE Component Palette

dBASE Component Palette

dBASE Field Palette

dBASE Data-aware Field Palette

Not with dBASE™ PLUS 12!

​Extraordinary things can be built with Data, Business Logic, Graphical User Interface, and ​Components.

Can I still write code?

A powerhouse source editor that works like you do!​

100's of additional features to make coding simple and even fun!

So, why dBASE™ PLUS 12?

New Components, New Data Structures, and Output types...

​dBASE™ PLUS 12 is amazing

​From beginning to end, dBASE™ PLUS 12 has you covered!  Full application development with NO code, customize with a ​LOW amount of code.  Develop the business solution you need to success with dBASE™ PLUS 12.  dBASE™ PLUS 12 introduces new Components, new Data Structures (JSON), integrated Report Generator, and updated output targets.  In addition, dBASE™ PLUS 12 gives you a complete deployment solution as well built-in, which is a HUGE value compared to the competition!  dBASE™ PLUS 12 has all the tools a business person could want for implementing situational applications, but has the power to be a serious professional data-driven application development environment.

New License

Get all the new features and functionality for a great price!

Buy the new dBASE™ PLUS 12 for $499.00 (USD).

Upgrade License
​​dBASE™ PLUS 12

Already own dBASE? You can upgrade for a very special price!  

Buy the new dBASE™ PLUS 12 Upgrade for $399.00 (USD).

Business people and non-programmers can succeed with very low / no code to create a solution.

However, if you need the full power, dBASE™ PLUS 12 can go as deep into the development process as needed.

You need dBASE™ PLUS 12!

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