dbDOS™ Prints Like It’s 1989

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Oct 10

Who would have thought that it would be printer specific escape characters of printed documents that would elude us so some twenty years later? We have just recently resolved an issue related to printing reports from dBASE and could not wait to share it with you. In the latest edition of dbDOS™ we have printing working the way it did back in the day! If you are printing reports that use the PICA or 10 Characters Per-Inch (CPI) then dbDOS™ 1.5.1 is your solution.

“dbDOS™ enables our existing dBASE DOS customers to continue using their great software”, said Mike Rozlog CEO of dBase, LLC. “The biggest issue we have been trying to fix for our customers is the print functionality on new hardware. Now, with dbDOS™ 1.5.1, we finally have a solution that appears to work across a wide range of hardware setups.”

The most common print format in dBASE for DOS products was PICA. This was the general use approach for many people generating reports. The new upgrade makes print PICA based reports as simple as printing the normal way. dBASE also supported two additional print types – Elite 12 CPI, and Condensed 16 CPI. These report types are supported through the use of the dbDOS™ feature “Interpreted printing”, where the user can change the font, font size, and use the Windows® Printer driver with settings like “Fit to Page.”

dbDOS™ 1.5.1 is the most comprehensive solution for using DOS based software on the latest and greatest hardware and Windows operating systems regardless if the OS is based on 32 bit or 64 bit environments.

dbDOS™ 1.5.1 is an exciting upgrade for customers already using older dBASE for DOS products because now they have the ability to print on the latest hardware and software from Microsoft. It is also an excellent opportunity for users of dBASE III and IV for DOS to upgrade to the dBASE CLASSIC™ product currently on SALE right now for just $79 USD! The dBASE CLASSIC™ product is based on dBASE V (5.0) for DOS and can be bundled with dbDOS at a special price of $179 USD.

dbDOS™ 1.5.1 is sold separately is currently available for $99 USD.

*Sale price is available only for purchases during the month of October 2012.