dbDOS™ Training is now available!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Oct 17

Today dBase, LLC (dBase) is proud to announce a brand new training class for dbDOS™. Response to dbDOS™ has been great. With the help of this training course, you will be able keep your original investment in dBASE™ up and running on the latest hardware.

The dbDOS™ product is an important new component for the dBASE community”, said Mike Rozlog CEO of dBase. “Most of our surveys around the community show that around 50% of the dBASE community is still using some form of DOS based dBASE, so this product is essential in many of our users lives. Plus, the product has matured very fast and is the easiest way for DOS users to continue using their DOS based software.

The latest version of dbDOS™ builds on the prior releases by adding new memory management and bring the RAW print feature out of beta. Now, it is possible to print reports from dBASE for DOS, just like it did back in the 80’s and 90’s

The new Working with dbDOS™ training course will be 60 minutes in length and will cover the following topics:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Installation and Setup
  • Using Mounted Drives
  • Program and Directory Configuration
  • Interpreted Printing
  • RAW Printing
  • Advanced Configurations

The cost of this training seminar will be $99.00 USD for a single one-hour session. Following your purchase, you will receive a private invitation to attend one of the November 7th sessions, either at 1:00 PM EST or 10:00 PM EST. The invitation will include details on how to participate.

Between October 1st 2012 and October 31st 2012, any purchase the dBASE CLASSIC™ Bundle will include this training seminar (a $99 value) as part of your purchase*.

Also between October 1st 2012 and October 31st 2012, you can take advantage of the dBASE CLASSIC Anniversary Pricing when purchasing the dBASE CLASSIC™ Bundle for $178.00 USD. That is a $297.00 USD value for only $178.00 USD, a 59% savings when you take advantage of this promotion*.

For individuals that have already purchased dbDOS™, this class can be purchased separately.

Thanks for your continued support of dBase!

Michael J. Rozlog President and Chief Executive Officer dBase, LLC *Sale price is available only for purchases during the month of October 2012.

UPDATE: To clarify, until October 31st 2012 all three products combined in one bundle, dBASE CLASSIC, dbDOS, and dbDOS TRAINING, is a $297.00 USD value for only $178.00 USD.